Grega the Magician has been active as a magician and musician for more than twenty years and is without a doubt one of the best performers and entertainers for children in Slovenia. His shows are unique – intertwined with magic, copyright music, singing, playing and animation.

Grega the Magician’s songs are one of the best sold children music in Slovenia. He himself writes, composes, plays (on various instruments), sings and records the songs for children in his own studio. He has been collaborating with famous Slovenian musicians such as: Boštjan Grabnar, Bor Zuljan, Matjaž Rihter, Štefan Šerkezi, Blaž Jurjevčič and others. Grega the Magician writes music also for other performers. He has already produced 9 CDs and that is almost 100 lively, cheerful, playful and at the same time educational songs for children.

In Slovenia there is almost no child who would not know Grega the Magician’s songs, and there is almost no kindergarten, school or library that would not have his CDs. We are certain that with quality translation and music production his songs would become popular with children all around Europe and across entire world.

There is a short description of each CD on the right side, where you can also listen to inserts of Grega the Magician's songs.


Čarovnik Grega – Grega Sulejmanovič:

Phone: 00386 (0)41 786 230



Lučka and her friends

The compilation CD “Lučka and her Friends” was created just before the hot summer in 2010 and has ever since accompanied the promotion of children’s ice-creams of the Slovenian key milk products producer – Ljubljanske mlekarne. The main heroes Lučka, Ježek, Tom, Brrr and Lonček make the song so sweet that the children’s mouths water when listening …

1. Lučka gre na izlet
2. Lučkin poljubček
3. Ježek
4. Lučkinih pet prstov
5. Brihtne face
6. Sladoledni rompompom
7. Mleko
8. Slikar
9. Polde
10. Lučka 50 let



“Cheers!” is a CD full of adventures: there is a trip to a farmhouse, a fight with a naughty bacillus, a search for Jake the teddy bear, a splashing in the rain and a pulled out swing. And also: a clumsy frog, a conceited painter, naughty Smartheads and good kids, who clean up their rooms using dusters, vacuum cleaners and brooms … The CD was created in November 2010.

1. Polde (Ija ija jou)
2. Pa na zdravje!
3. Beži Jaka
4. Dežnik
5. Gugalnica
6. Žaba
7. Slikar
8. Gremo na delo
9. Brihtne face
10. Odpri oči



The CD entitled “Quadruplets” was released in December 2007. Songs on it simply call to moving and grooving: Quadruplets, Total Jumble, That’s me … The songs take us to Jerica’s birthday party, to an outing with a Strolling Dwarf, where we meet a terribly hungry wolf… A Small Umbrella teaches us how to play with words, in Zebra we find out about zebras in the Zoo and zebras on the streets, and then we see little Lučka eating the ice-cream with her fingers.

1. Četvorčki
2. Zebra
3. Prava zmešnjava
4. Mala marela je marelica
5. To sem jaz
6. Palček pohajalček
7. Jerca
8. Volk
9. Lučkinih pet prstov
10. Preklopi sanje na dejanje


Grega and Facko

This CD came out in 2006 and comprises 13 very popular songs, and along with them also the naughty Facko was born. Facko accompanies Grega the Magician on his shows every now and then. Songs like: From Head to Toe, Our Washing Machine, The Pirate Song, An Orange and Big Pigs soon became big hits. With a witty Fox we sneak out into the hen-house to steal some hens, with The Traffic light we learns when is it safe to cross the road, we learn what can fly and what can not, and also how come 1 +1 does not always make 2. There is also the Saving Papi, who saves carefully and Lučka, who makes a space trip with her friends in a cup.

1. Od glave do peta
2. Lucka gre na izlet
3. Grega in Facko
4. Naš pralni stroj
5. Gusarska
6. Pomaranča
7. Pujsi debelujsi
8. 1 + 1 = 3
9. Leti, leti
10. Semafor
11. Lisjak
12. Sladoledni rompompom
13. Papi


Chest of Wishes

The compilation CD “Chest of Wishes” comprises songs recorded between 1997 and 1999. Among them there are two very popular songs that are still big hits on Grega the Magician shows nowadays: Hen-Cow-Cat’s Rock’n’roll and Hocus-pocus. Besides them there we meet lots of animals on this CD: A Horse with precisely 1 horse power, a Conceited Hen, an Australian Kangaroo, s Cuddly Teddy bear and a Pig in the Pond. We also learn that milk is a healthy drink and the Train takes us to the land of sun.

1. Kurje kravje mačji rock'n'roll
2. Moj konj
3. Koka
4. Letni časi
5. Skrinjica želja
6. Kenguru
7. Vlak
8. Hokus pokus
9. Opice
10. Mleko
11. Medo Trudi
12. Pujs v mlaki
13. Mix iz skrinjice